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Selection Criteria

What We Do

Selection Criteria

Habitat has established three basic homeowner selection criteria that affiliates must evaluate to determine each applicant's eligibility for the homeowner program:

  • Need

    Potential home buyers might be dealing with poorly built, damaged, unhealthy, or inadequate housing.  Alternatively, you might have a rent or mortgage that you cannot afford, or may be living in a home that is inaccessible for your disabilities

  • Ability to Pay
    Ability to Pay

    Habitat offers home buyers an affordable mortgage.  Their mortgage payments cycle back into the community to build more affordable houses.

  • Willingness to Partner
    Willingness to Partner

    Habitat homeowners put in hundreds of "sweat equity" helping build their own home and the homes of others in the program.  This might also include classes in personal finance,home maintenance, and other home ownership topics.

Income Guidelines

Habitat's home ownership serves those who may not obtain adequate housing through conventional lending but can pay a habitat mortgage  Therefore to be eligible for a Habitat home, applicants must meet the parameters that Habitat has set limiting the total house hold income.  This is calculated using the Area Median Income.

Family Size Minimum Maximum
One $11,670 $23,340
Two $15,730 $31,460
Three $19,790 $39,580
Four $22,700 $45,400
Five $24,550 $49,100
Six $26,350 $52,700
Seven $28,150 $56,300
Eight $30,000 $60,000
  • Rock Bridge Community Church
    Rock Bridge Community Church