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How to Help

Donate Materials

Companies or individuals can donate for the building/renovation of homes by providing materials, free labor, or a monetary donation. This can be a tax deduction for the company providing the donation. 

 Some of the building criteria we follow to help you better understand our builds:

-We typically build a home with a living space of 1,056 sq. ft. for a 3-bedroom, 2 bath house or 1,152 sq. ft. for a 4-bedroom, 2 bath house.

-Special needs families often require floor plan modifications.

-Families are able to choose from several finishes which may include flooring, paint, and vinyl siding color.  

-We use a standard house design for every build and this may only change due to layout of the land or family need such as handicap accessibility.

-Our homes are built by volunteers except where trades requiring licenses, Workman’s Comp. and liability insurance are called for.

-All of our homes are required to pass inspections just like any other new builds in our county.  

Land Donation

We are always in need of land on which to build new homes.  Donating your land is a great way to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity and may include a tax deduction for you.  The following are things needed when looking for a lot to build a Habitat home:

- one acre lot or more

-Land that will perc or that already possesses city/county water

-Preferably lots with no restrictions

-Lot that is no more than 10 ft. in elevation change

-Out of flood zone areas




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